College Administration

Dean: Benjamin C. Withers
Associate Dean: Arne Hallam
Associate Dean: Monic Behnken
Associate Dean: Leslie Hogben
Associate Dean: Jo Anne Powell-Coffman
Associate Dean: Amy Slagell
Assistant Dean: Kent Kerby
Executive Assistant: Gaye Simonson
Program Coordinator: Stephanie Hamilton
Administrative Assistant: Mara Fleming

Advising Services

Director of Student Services: Jennifer Owens
Assistant Director of Student Services: Mason Babcock
Assistant Director of Student Services: Emily Olson
Assistant Director of Student Services: Johna Wolfe
Student Services Specialist: Terry Kruse

Unit Advisors

Assistant Director of Academic Advising (Mathematical and Computer Sciences): Deb Holmes
Assistant Director of Academic Advising (Social Sciences): Patrick Johnson
Assistant Director of Academic Advising (Communications and Humanities): Jessica Hansen-Moench
Assistant Director of Academic Advising (Biological/Physical Science): Lauren Ramos
Assistant Director of Academic Advising (College Programs): Erin Valerio-Garsow

Career Services

Director of Career Services: Tessa Brow
Career Advisor: Emily Wollard
Employer and Student Relations Coordinator: Anne Nelson
Career Education Coordinator: Rosalie Vos Tulp


Communications Specialist: Stacey Maifeld
Communications Specialist: Paula Van Brocklin
Communications Specialist: Hannah Wright
Graphic Designer: Mary Breuer
Graphic Designer: Keo Pierron
Program Specialist: Linda Kramer
Social Media Specialist: Roger Rivera
Web Developer: Troy Rutter


Executive Director of Development: Michael Gens
Director of Volunteer Engagement: Taylor Woodcock
Director of Development: Jules Wilkins
Director of Development: Justin Haas
Associate Director of Development: Bartley Mullin
Development Coordinator: Jodi Flannery

Enrollment Services

Director of Enrollment Management: Kathy Houseman
Recruitment Coordinator: Eric Merten
Transfer Relations and Outreach Advisor: Dan Rice

Fiscal Operations

Fiscal Coordinator: Robin Jones
Fiscal Coordinator: Shannon Barr
Fiscal Coordinator: Luke Grove
Fiscal Coordinator: Ann Laws
Fiscal Coordinator: John Lauridsen
Fiscal Coordinator: Kristine Loes
Fiscal Coordinator: Lori Oh
Fiscal Coordinator: Julie Roseman
Fiscal Coordinator: Nick Schalinske
Fiscal Coordinator: Wenli Su

The People Finder tool, which lists individuals with roles affected by Workday and ISD, can be found here

Human Resources

Human Resources Partner: Hilary Deike
Human Resources Coordinator: Meghan Breitbarth
Human Resources Coordinator: Andrea Jensen
Human Resources Coordinator: Christy Kadner
Human Resources Coordinator: Kayla Vinar

The People Finder tool, which lists individuals with roles affected by Workday and ISD, can be found here

Information Technology

IT Director (Interim): Darrin Fischer
Systems Support Specialist: Brad Dahlsten

International Student Support

Director of International Student Success: Navya Mannengi

LAS External Research Support (LASERS) Team

LASERS Team Leader: Leslie Geffre
Grant Coordinator: Barbara Brown
Grant Coordinator: Karen Bougher
Grant Coordinator: Jeremy Knake
Grant Coordinator: Sandra Norvell

LAS Study Abroad

Director of Study Abroad: Mercedes Serracin
Study Abroad Advisor: Kate Crow

Multicultural Student Support

Director of Multicultural Success: Arnold Woods


LAS Scholarship Coordinator: Heidi Merfeld

Support Staff

Office Receptionist: Tammy Blakeley
Data Analyst: Autumn Long