Reinstatement application process

Before you begin your reinstatement application, please read the following.


The following reinstatement petition process must be followed for consideration to resume your studies at Iowa State. All petitions for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) are reviewed by the LAS Academic Standards Committee.

Graded coursework

You will need to take and complete a minimum of 6 semester credits of graded course work at another accredited university, college, or community college before you petition for reinstatement. You will need to attain a GPA of 2.25 on those credits. You may submit midterm grades for in progress classes for consideration of a conditional reinstatement if you have the qualifying GPA of a 2.25.


Specific deadlines for petition submission are listed on the LAS College’s Academic Standards page. Deadlines differ depending on whether you are applying for reinstatement after a first or second dismissal. Late or incomplete petitions will not be accepted.

Additional forms

  • International students: All international students must file the International Undergraduate Returnee Form.
  • Domestic students gone for more than 12 months: Domestic students who have been gone from the University for more than 12 months prior to the desired reentry term must file the Undergraduate Reentry Form with the Office of the Registrar.

First, second, and third dismissal

Requirements for consideration of your reinstatement petition vary depending on whether you are applying after your first, second, or third dismissal from the University.

  • After a first dismissal: you must be absent from ISU for at least one semester, with the summer not counted as a semester.
  • After a second dismissal:
    • You must be absent from the University for at least two semesters, with the summer is not counted as a semester.
    • Your petition must present:
      • Concrete evidence of academic progress, typically a transcript from another school demonstrating a minimum GPA of 2.50 in academically rigorous courses and potentially completion of an Associate of Arts degree.
      • An explanation of why the conditions of your prior reinstatement agreement were not met.
      • Letters of support from faculty, advisor(s), counselors, etc., who can comment on your performance, as well as your readiness to successfully complete your proposed program of study.
    • You are required to meet with the LAS Academic Standards Committee after submitting a complete petition and before a decision will be made.
    • Reinstatements for a second time are only provided to students that are clearly a reasonable prospect for earning a degree at ISU.
  • After a third dismissal: generally students will not be reinstated in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences after a third dismissal from the University.


You acknowledge that prior to being considered for reinstatement:

  • Your previous advisor or department will be contacted as a reference for you
  • If you are seeking reinstatement to a different major a representative from that department will also be contacted on your behalf and make a recommendation to the LAS Academic Standards Committee

You acknowledge that if reinstated:

  • You will be on academic probation status during the term of reinstatement and be subject to the academic probation regulations of the University
  • Failure to satisfy any of the terms and conditions as outlined by the LAS Academic Standards Committee during your term of reinstatement will result in dismissal from the University
  • You will be prohibited from transferring to another college at Iowa State University during your term of reinstatement

List of needed items

You be will asked to complete information about what you have been doing since you were last at Iowa State and your plan for success if reinstated.

Information that is required for every application that you may want to start collecting:

  • Proof of grades of completed and/or in progress courses
  • A degree audit for your intended major
  • Your graduation plan (sample available in online application)

Additional information that may be required or helpful to your petition might include:

  • Letters of recommendation
  • Proof of completion of a degree
  • Academic awards
  • Documentation related to previous challenges

Start your reinstatement application

The following link will direct you to sign in and begin your online reinstatement application. You will need to use an email address that is not your Iowa State email address. The website will save your progress until you are ready to submit your complete application.

Start your reinstatement application

Contact us

If you have questions regarding reinstatement to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences after reading this please contact the Liaison to the LAS Academic Standards Committee by email: or phone: 515-294-4831