International programs

Study Abroad Group

Through its curriculum and experiential learning opportunities, research endeavors, and outreach activities, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences continually reaffirms its commitment to promote learning in a global, multicultural setting.

As the “University’s College” in which all Iowa State students take courses, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a special obligation to ensure that students obtain knowledge about cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as participate in international learning opportunities.

Faculty in each of the College’s three major disciplinary divisions – humanities, math and sciences, social sciences – have distinguished international research programs that entail collaboration and engage our students.  A range of diverse international academic opportunities are available to students, including mastering a world language and putting it into practice through study or work experience abroad.

The mission of LAS International  is to assist Iowa State University in becoming a leader among land-grant institutions by educating our multiple constituencies about the impact of global affairs on local interests.  Through its teaching, research, and outreach endeavors, LAS International supports the promotion of:

a liberal education that stimulates students to think globally, and to acknowledge and celebrate human diversity. The College encourages the internationalization of is curriculum through a variety of learning experiences that advance student international awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity.

an international research agenda that inspires multidisciplinary efforts; coordinates and supports international collaboration; and facilitates exchanges of faculty and students.

a globally-informed land-grant institution that is responsive to the needs of the people of the State of Iowa and the world who depend on the creation and transmission of knowledge to address the practical needs and changing realities of a shrinking world.