Venita Currie

Fiscal Officer


Dept:Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration


I am the College Academic Fiscal Officer. I am accountable for the college budget and monitor the budgets departments, programs and centers who report to the college. I provide guidance concerning the financial responsibility in connection with new policies and procedures. I am responsible for tracking revenue/expenses for general, foundation, and course fee accounts. I am available to help departments with data from: KFS, eData including RMM, Enrollment, FTE, Financial and Sponsored Program reports. I account for tuition distribution and special course fees for the college. In addition, I support the Associate Dean of Operations including renovation projects, Miller Lecturer Funds, and special data projects.

Contact for questions about:

  • Budget Tracking
  • eData Reports
  • Financial Policies
  • Special Course Fees
  • Goldsheets
  • Graduate Tuition Scholarships
  • LASCAC LAS Computer – Accounts
  • Research Grants and Contracts