Meet the ILLC Peer Mentors!

Name: Ye-Lim Lim
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Fun Fact: I can play more than 5 sports!

Involvement tip: “The first club I was involved in was the Boxing Club. As an international student, I had no idea how club meetings work, what people do in the meeting, or even how to communicate with people. I was full of fear, however, I took my first-step following my passion, because Boxing is my favorite sport. Since then, I gradually learned how people interact with each other here in the United States and had more confidence to explore and try new opportunities. I realized that there are a lot of opportunities that assist me to become a better leader, even a small experience. Don’t hesitate and be overwhelmed by your fear. Take your first-step following your passion, then you will see yourself become a great leader.”

Name: Jack Pincus
Major: Biology
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Fun Fact: Every member of my family runs marathons.

Involvement tip: “Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Good opportunities don’t necessarily mean easy, but the reward will be worth it.”

How has involvement/leadership impacted your job experiences? “My leadership experience and involvement around campus has led to a more diverse background to talk to potential employers about. It not only shows I’m a well-rounded individual, but that I’m willing to take on challenges.”