Sustainability Science

Charting a course to a sustainable future requires developing and effectively translating fundamental scientific knowledge into societal action and ultimately requires reconciling environmental, social and economic systems. This is a central focus of the College’s Economic, Environmental and Societal Sustainability Signature Theme, and we seek to dramatically expand our research on sustainable systems with a strategic and integrated cluster of hires across the biological, physical and social sciences. These new faculty will have the opportunity to join a synergistic focal group that will serve to facilitate team building and integrative research.

This focal group seeks to integrate research on biological and physical structures and processes across spatial scales using a systems perspective, integrate research addressing biological and physical controls on material and energy fluxes in environmental systems, integrate research involving economic and political dimensions of regional decision making and interventions, and build the linkages across the necessary disciplinary and professional boundaries with translational science communication.

About the LAS Interdisciplinary Hiring Initiative

To support the growth of collaborative research, we have defined five Signature Themes which outline broad priority areas for research and scholarship in the College. Guided by these five themes, hiring in the college strikes a balance between serving core departmental research and teaching needs and sustaining and growing our international reputation in four selected focus areas through a major interdisciplinary hiring initiative.

In each of the following four areas, we will hire at least 4-6 faculty, over the next 2-3 years. Building on existing strengths, this will allow us to grow internationally competitive groups quickly.

These are exciting opportunities to work with established researchers and superb junior faculty and define the future direction of a major research area.