7 Things We're Grateful For in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University

7 Exceptional, remarkable, award-winning students

Many of us are captivated by the Super Bowl’s award-winning commercials, but for Kat Mogongwa, they did more than spur a belly laugh and encourage him to drink Gatorade. They inspired him to pursue a career in advertising.

“When I was young, I loved the creativity behind those commercials,” he said. “It was crazy to think that an ad for something could have such a big impact.”

6 Valuable, memorable, exhilarating experiences

It can’t be all books and late-night studying. In order for our students to grow into global citizens, they must have a well-rounded college education with experiences aplenty. Our study abroad opportunities take them to Spain to study biology, to Poland to photograph the stories of the people, and to Greece to study archaeology. Our student organizations and clubs motivate them to sing, dance, perform, write, and study the stars. Our faculty encourages students to participate in learning communities, help with research in labs, and lead projects.

With these opportunities, students graduate with a top-notch education, as well as the experience to apply that knowledge in the working world.

5 Exciting, engaging, loud events

In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we know how to throw a party, and this year, we wanted to so something really special for our students. So we organized the first Picnic on the Plaza, a welcome back picnic held on a beautiful September day. Catt Hall Plaza overflowed with hundreds of students noshing on pizza and ice cream, playing lawn games, exploring student clubs and organizations, and meeting our dean, Beate Schmittmann. Our students work hard to excel in their classes and labs. We celebrate their efforts by creating unique events they’ll remember for years to come.

4 Insightful, world-renowned, fantastic faculty

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences boasts a fleet of fantastic faculty — those who provide insight and mentorship to young students, lab direction to aspiring researchers, and inspiration to ambitious learners. Our faculty make a lasting impression on our students — long after they graduate — and we take great pride knowing they are learning from the best.

3 Dynamic, headline-making research

Reading, writing, arithmetic. In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we have it all, and Carol Chapelle aims to ensure all of our students – and specifically those in STEM disciplines – excel in all three. Her new research project investigates academic and professional writing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines (STEM), and earlier this fall, the project was awarded an Iowa State University Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research grant.

2 State-of-the-art, technology-driven facilities

Iowa State’s newest auditorium classroom, Troxel Hall, opened this fall just in time for a record enrollment on campus. The Change Happens Foundation provided the lead gift for the building named for Douglas D. Troxel, a 1967 ISU mathematics graduate and president and chief executive officer of the private family foundation. The building features new technologies and an innovative design for modern large-class instruction. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the primary user of the 400-seat auditorium.

1 Proud, generous, lifelong friends, our alumni

Thank you!

Dear Friends,

It's that time again. Time to pause and reflect on all we are grateful for this year.

With a record number of new students and new faculty searches, we are grateful for the energy and purpose these new faces bring to our community. With that energy and purpose, we look forward to charging ahead in 2014. We look forward to new research discoveries, new opportunities for our students, and new friendships with our alumni.

On behalf of all of us in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I would like to thank you most warmly for being such a big part of our success. A very happy holiday to you and your family.

— Beate Schmittmann